Monday, November 9, 2015

Hello Parents of Teacher Shelley's ASL Class

Hello ASL Parents!
Teacher Shelley | ASL Class | November 9, 2015

Deaf Culture Lessons
Students learned that Big “D” in English writing refers to cultural deafness and it also illustrates the author’s support for Deaf Culture. 

Example: My friend is Deaf.

ASL Lessons
The last few weeks the students built on vocabulary, worked on receptive skills, and learned how to list items with the proper hand-shape. Ask your child to list 2, 3, 4, or 5 items from the list below:
Body Parts: Head, Eyes, Shoulders, Hands, Legs, and Feet.
Opposites: Hot/ Cold, Poor/Rich, Clean/Dirty, Old/ New, and In/Out.
Farm Animals: Pig, Horse, Bird, Goat and Sheep.
Zoo Animals: Lion, Giraffe, Rhino, Hippo, and Bear.
Sea Animals: Shark, Dolphin, Seal, Walrus, and Seahorse.

Students made their favorite animals with play-doh! 

We had lots of Halloween fun! The students were taught Halloween theme words and played games that helped increase their language skills. Here are some examples of  the Halloween words learned: Haunted House, Vampire, Werewolf, Witch, Zombie, Mummy, Frankenstein, Bat, Ghost, Spider, and Happy Halloween!

Next Few Weeks…
We have spent some time on review, but now we are ready to learn vocabulary for different kinds of foods and drinks! We will spend a large portion on forming sentences and creating conversations in the classroom.
For an Example, in English: “What kind of soup do you like?” 
In ASL: "Soup you like. What-kind?" 
We will also be looking at how to describe one's home and the objects in it. 

Until next time... =)

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