Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Hello Parents at Patwin Elementary ASL

Hello ASL Parents of Ms. Kristen's Class

We are now headed into Week 8 for ASL Class and the students are growing and learning so much every week!

A couple of weeks ago we celebrated Halloween week where the students learned a great amount of signs related to the holiday, as well as reviewed what they have learned from the beginning.

This is a picture of a frozen hand with objects inside that the students were able to melt with salt. when they retrieved an item they were asked to sign to the teacher what they found.

For example: Eyes, erasers, ball, shapes, different colors, and different shapes.

The students had a lot of fun exploring what each of their hand had hidden inside. It was exciting for them to find something and have the ability and skills to sign the different objects retrieved.

I have also added a QOW: Question of the week to their lesson plan. Each week the students are given a question that relates to Deaf culture. This week they  learned what a CODA means/stands for. In Deaf culture, a CODA is a child of a Deaf adult. They have enjoyed these questions as they are different every week ad they are learning more about Deaf culture.

Vocabulary from recent weeks:
Family: Mother, Father, Brother/Sister, Grandmother, Grandfather
I, My, You, Yours, he/she, we, they, myself, yourself
Up, Down, Left, Right, Backward, Forward,
Past, Present, Future
School supplies: Paper, Ruler, Eraser, Pencil, Scissors, Crayons

In the weeks to come:
We will be learning signs for animals and numbers as well as learning and playing new games.

My students are doing great and I'm so proud for what they have learned up to here!!

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