Monday, March 19, 2012

Beggining Español at Birch Lane

Hola, My name is Maria Angelica,

I am the Spanish instructor at Birch Lane Elementary.
It has been an accomplishment to see my six students learn shoulder to shoulder basic Spanish. We began learning greetings, introductions, and personal identity. We then moved to learn and practice commands and useful sentences in the classroom, colors and shapes, body parts, directions, numbers, days of the weeks and months.

The past two weeks we learned about animals: domestic, farm, and zoo/wild animals. This was a fun subject for all because they created sentences using an animal name, number and color. For example one of the created sentence was; "I have 100 hundred black monkeys"/ "Yo tengo cien changos negros" or "I have 35 blue skunks"/"Yo tengo 35 zorrillos azules." This type of activity promotes a fun, interactive and creative atmosphere.

Another favorite activity that my students love is the "timing" game. I time each student to say as much Spanish words as they can in 30 seconds. Some students are very clever and count numbers in Spanish to get as many words as possible and is valid. However, I challenge them by changing the rules and say only body parts, colors and shapes or using other previous concepts we have learn.

One of the things that is amazing about my class is to see how much each student care about one another. They help each other and help me promote fairness in the class. They are thirsty for knowledge and they motivate me every morning. Birch Lane students teach me as much as I teach them. I have my students take notes of new concepts and I noticed this helps them remember better for the next class.

Viva el Español at Birch Lane,

Maria Angelica

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