Sunday, March 11, 2012

DAC Beginning Spanish

Hello Everyone,
I am the beginning Spanish teacher in the Davis Art Center. The purpose of my blog is to inform parents and the community of what students learn in the T.A.L.K. program.

This past week students learned colors and clothing. One student would introduce his clothing along with the color of his clothing to the class. When that student would get stuck they would ask the class, "?cómo se dice        ? (How do you say?)" and a classmate would assist the student that was stuck. We also had art shows were students would draw a person with a piece of clothing and then pass the picture around so someone would contribute to the picture. In the end of the activity the students had pictures decent of a fashion show. :)

We also read a book, "Yo veo (I Spy)" where students would have to find objects amongst other objects in the page. This helped students vocabulary, grammar and numbers in Spanish. The students enjoyed reading along and finding the specific objects. I enjoyed reading this book because it introduced new worlds to the students such as, payaso (clown), estrella (star) and old worlds students had learned, such as animals and numbers and colors.

The activity students seemed to jump for joy was animal bingo. It was really exciting hearing students turn over their animal, name that animal and put the animal in their bingo table. Again, when students would get stuck they would ask the class for assistance, if everyone was stump I would step in. Who knew bingo would be enjoyed by these young students?

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