Sunday, March 11, 2012

Spanish DAC Intermediate


My name is Karla Fernandez and I am the spanish instructor for the Intermediate class at the DAC. I will be blogging every two weeks and I will talk about the material we have been covering in the past two weeks. If their is any suggestions or question you can always email me at

For the past two weeks we have been working on conjugation, reading and sentence structure. The conjugation take a while for the student to acquire, therefore I have been teaching it in small portions each week. Spanish has many grammar rules and one of them is conjugation therefore you will be hearing a lot about it but the student will be able to write perfect sentences in Spanish. Also we have been reading some books, the students seem to enjoy it very much. We each take turns reading each page and than after they have read I asked them in Spanish what the story was about. It definitely has helped them reading out loud because their pronunciation has improved.

We have also had some fun days thats involve playing games at the same time they are learning new vocabulary. One of them being competing on how many words they know, such as vegetables and fruits. The more fruits and vegetables each student gets the better. The students get in two groups and from their they ask each other by showing cards with the picture of the fruit or vegetable and they must say it in spanish. So far, the students are enjoying the class and they are improving their spanish.

It will be it for this time, Hasta pronto...Until next time.

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