Sunday, April 30, 2017

Birch Lane - Intermediate Week 24-27

Hello Birch parents!

These past few weeks the kids have been focusing on learning parts of the house and the community as well! Furthermore, the kids also have reviewed numbers, days of the week, months of the year and seasons of the year. While learning about all these topics, the kids also had the opportunity to build their own board games, including writing rules on how to play them and building their own dice. They also drew maps of their ideal city and named the places one would find there
. Lastly, the kids also worked on calendars where they wrote special dates and images to represent each month. Here are some pictures from last week:

Some of the vocabulary you could review with your kid are:
  • Parts of the house: cuarto (room), sala (living room), comedor (dining room), baño (bathroom), oficina (office), and cocina (kitchen)
  • Places and people from the community: panadero (baker), panadería (bakery), biblioteca (library), bibliotecario (librarian), oficina postal (post office), cartero (mail man), restaurante (restaurant), cocinero (chef/cook), estación de bomberos (firefighter station), bombero (firefighter), hospital (hospital), doctor (doctor), estación de policías (police station), policía (policeman),  tienda (store), cajero (cashier), peluquería (hairdresser's shop), peluquero (hairdresser), banco (bank), banquero (banker), parque (park), zoológico (zoo), museo (museum) y teatro (theater)
  • Numbers 1-100
  • Days of the week: lunes (Monday), martes (Tuesday), miércoles (Wednesday), jueves (Thursday), viernes (Friday), sábado (Saturday), domingo (Sunday)
  • Months of the year: enero (January), febrero (February), marzo (March), abril (April), mayo (May), junio (June), julio (July), agosto (August), septiembre (September), octubre (October), noviembre (November), diciembre (December)
  • Seasons of the year: primavera (spring), verano (summer), otoño (fall/autumn), inviero (winter)

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions/comments/concerns  at 

-Un abrazo,

Maestra Teresa G. ☺

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