Thursday, April 20, 2017

Patwin-Beginning ASL Class

Hello Everyone!!!

Over the past couple weeks in our beginning ASL class, we've done a lot of different activities! 

Cookie Cookbooks

> When we learned food, each student made a cookie cookbook to take home. It included everything such as the ingredients, tools, and cook time. The students LOVED making these. *The recipes are actual recipes that you can bake at home*


> We also learned questions. The students became very good at it! ASL sentence structure is different than English so we practiced word order. Also, when asking questions in ASL, you have to lower your eyebrows. Try it with your kids! 


> Last week, the students learned room vocabulary. As you can see below, we go over the weather in the morning. On Thursday we had a scavenger hunt! I signed the vocabulary and the students had to find the post it with that word. Then they would place it into a category on the board! 

> Next we are going to be learning professions! 

Carlie Gropp

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