Saturday, April 1, 2017

Patwin Elementary Site - Intermediate Spanish Course

   L  O  S     A  N  I  M  A  L  E  S   


Hello Parents! 😊

Here is a sneak peek of the exciting activities we have been enjoying in class, as we learn the wonders of the Spanish language! 📚

'The Animals' was a broad topic that we went over and learned in a span of a little over two weeks. Down bellow,  you'll be able to see some photos with the vocabulary words of the most salient terms, and activities we all review/learn in class.

The activities we worked on through the introduction of this topic are the top favorites of the class. One of these activities consists of drawing and naming animals up on the board. YES! I was critiqued harshly because of my drawing skills (hahaha...). 😅 

We all drew our favorite animal(s), and presented our drawings to the class, at the end of the week. I allowed 10 minutes of class, each session, after we have reviewed mostly all animals - aquatic, flying, jungle animals, barn animals, house pets, zoo animals, etc., to work and finish our drawings. 

Another, most requested activity, was the "Tell us how to say _______ in Spanish/English" activity. In Spanish, we call this "Ad
ivina, adivinador." This activity consists on having each of my students going up to the board and choosing a post-it note that's on the board. The post-it notes have a vocabulary word, in Spanish or English, of those many we learn every day in class. Once they are certain of what it is, they say the words aloud to the rest of the class. Best part is that each time they get it right, with no help from the rest of the class (Yes, help! We all need help sometimes, so helping each other out is highly encouraged), they get a 'reward point'. 😎 These points accumulate by the end of each week, and based on how many we get, we get prizes at the end of the month, or a nice treat by the end of the quarter.

Stay tuned for more activities, and updates, as we continue along with our journey in exploring this beautiful language... 


   What's your favorite animal?  

 A Q U A T I C   A N I M A L S 

  A D I V I N A,    A D I V I N A D O R...  
  C a n   y o u   g u e s s?  
  H o w   t o   s a y...  

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