Friday, March 31, 2017

March at Birch Lane Beginning Spanish!

The beginning Spanish class at Birch Lane has been having a great time asking class mates questions and having the opportunity to respond to more questions now that they have a wider vocabulary list! In the past few weeks they have had a great time using cootie catchers to practice their colors, spelling of the colors in Spanish and counting. They were able to work in partners and cut out their cootie catchers and folded it up before they were able to play with it. They got quite good at them.                    

Another great activity that the kids really enjoyed was creating their own Spanish board games! The kids were divided in groups of 3 and they created their own board game with a unique design and they own rules. This encourages them to use vocabulary words that we have learned in the past few months such as directions like backward and forward (atras y adelante) and also other vocabulary like animals as their game pieces. These games will be played when we have some extra time in class or as a back up activity if something does not work out! The kids really enjoyed playing their games and they were very proud of what they created as a team. 

Thanks for reading! Keep checking in to see what more fun activities the kids are up to in the next couple months!


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