Friday, March 10, 2017

Birch Lane- Intermediate Week 20 & 21

Hello Birch parents!

Last week the kids focused on reviewing vocabulary we have learned over the last 8 weeks such as animals, clothing, emotions/feelings, family members, school supplies, and more! The kids did activities that included making their favorite animals out of Play-Doh and then clothing to dress them up.

One of the kids made a worm and covered it with a warm jacket!

Two kids worked together to make a guinea pig and dress it with a fashionable hat and sweater!

This week the kids were introduced to questions and we worked on writing/developing questions to share with each other. The kids also did small presentations, where they got to write down questions on a whiteboard and had their peers answer said questions.

The kids came up with questions and presented to their peers!

The kids worked on writing questions and drawing their answers to those.

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, suggestions, etc. feel free to email me or Irene, our Monday/Wednesday teacher. My email is and Irene's is

Here is some useful questions vocabulary to go over with the kids at home:
  • Who? - ¿Quién?
  • What? - ¿Qué?
  • When? - ¿Cuándo?
  • Which? - ¿Cuál?
  • Why? - ¿Por qué?
  • How? - ¿Cómo? 

P.S. Here are even more pictures of previous activities the kids have worked on these past few weeks as well as the variety of topics we have covered in class :) 

Activity: Making a list of likes/dislikes
Topic: Fruits and vegetables, likes/dislikes
Activity: Building a person
Topic: Body parts

Activity: Scarecrow and Calaveras decorations
Topic: Holidays 

Activity: Bingo!
Topic: Alphabet and colors

Activity: Animal making
Topic: Animals

Activity: Sentence building
Topic: Introductions

Activity: Drawing houses
Topic: House appliances and rooms

Activity: Drawing and sentence building
Topic: Likes/dislikes, introductions and shapes

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