Friday, March 31, 2017

Korematsu Elementary Intermediate Spanish Class

Hola Korematsu Parents!

Take a little Insight into our Class these past few weeks before Spring Break😊:

     Students learned Spanish interrogative words by making signs, solving crossword puzzles, reading and asking questions about characters in a Spanish book. Students also reviewed the days of the week, months, and the year by picking a favorite month and making a calendar page for that month. To practice the interrogatives with the days of the week and months, students asked each other about their birthdays, favorite days of the week, and how old they were. Towards the end of the first week learning the interrogatives, students and I set up a routine to ask each other questions using the interrogatives. Students sometimes ask, "Como te sientes hoy?" (How do you feel today?) and "Donde esta este estudiante?" (Where is a certain student, if they were not in class at the time). 
     Students also used pretend dollar bills to review numbers and practice asking how much money they had in hand (e.g. "Cuanto dinero tienes?/How much money do you have?). Students also seemed to enjoy playing timed Match with the Spanish and English interrogative vocabulary. One student kept time while another student matched the Spanish words to the English words. We first started by giving each student 35 seconds to match the seven interrogatives and then lowered the time to 15 seconds, so this was a fun challenge for them. 
    Below I posted pictures of some of the signs I helped them make for the interrogatives as well as some of their work. The week after Spring Break students will continue reviewing the interrogatives by making cootie catchers and other fun games. Cootie catchers are a fun dynamic activity to incorporate many of the colloquial questions and vocabulary for review. I look forward to posting samples of their work by the end of next week, so stay posted! 

Feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, or suggestions. Thank you!! 

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