Friday, March 3, 2017

Patwin- Beginning ASL

Hello everyone!

Over the past month, our class has been learning food signs. We've done a lot of fun activities related to fruits, vegetables, meat, eating times, and restaurants. Some of the activities have included scavenger hunts and a fake restaurant!

This first image is from our scavenger hunt. I signed the food word and the student would find it in the classroom. Then come up to the board and put it in the correct category.

These three images are from our fake restaurant! It was called the 'Patwin ASL Cafe'. It was of course Deaf friendly so the students signed their order to "the waitress" (me). After they ordered their food, they got to draw out each item they chose. This included utensils, entree, drinks, and desserts. The students did very well using the vocabulary. 

Currently, we are making cookie cookbooks. The cookbooks will be completed this upcoming week. The students are very excited to learn how to bake their favorite cookie! I have found actual recipes so the measurements are accurate. 

Thank you for reading! 

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