Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Int ASL St. James~Week 21

This week in Intermediate ASL at St. James, we are having a review week of the signs learned in the past few weeks. From feelings, to clothes, family signs, school signs, and even to sentence structures with the signs "I HAVE" and "PLEASE," "THANK YOU."
Learning how to properly sign sentences structured around the terms "I HAVE," "PLEASE," and "THANK YOU," is what really separates Beginning ASL from Intermediate.The students can now sign more conversationally rather than simply signing a string of signs.


We started off the week with a review of feelings and state of mind signs, which include words like happy, sad, confident, and optimistic! To review, we played with our class dry erase cube, on which the teacher wrote some terms. Then, the cube was tossed around and whoever caught it had to sign "I FEEL..." completing the sentence with the term the cube landed on. As can be seen in the pictures above, the kids had a lot of fun with this active game, competing in a friendly manner and laughing throughout! It was an enjoyable review day, and the rest of the week promises to be just as exciting!

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