Thursday, March 2, 2017

Beginning French - Davis Arts Center - Danielle Preston

This week our class got to open their cafés to the class and serve each other a meal. Students got to decorate menus and they chose what foods they would be serving.

They had to go shopping from the store I set up full of plastic foods. We worked together to add up how much each item would be and students had to prepare their fake money accordingly. It was challenging for them to ask for the items in French using numbers but they are always so supportive and helpful with each other so it was fun!

On our café day, students got to set up their café with plastic foods and serving utensils. Then we went around to everyone's café and everyone had about 5 minutes to tell us about what they had prepared. This is an example of what students said:

C'est mon café rouge.
Il y a une salad, des fruits,
les croissants, le jus de pomme, etc."

Then everyone took turns ordering different items with the phrase:

"Je voudrais ____ s'il vous plaît".

This was such a fun activity for the students because they were challenged to lead the class for a couple minutes and they all got so in to their menus. They were all excited to set up their cafés and it was awesome to see how everyone had such unique ideas.

Here are some pictures!!:


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