Friday, January 26, 2018

Davis Arts Center - Intermediate French Class (Weeks 1-3) ❄

Hello everyone! I’m Alexandra, the new intermediate French teacher and I’m so excited to have the opportunity to teach this year’s intermediate class!  I’m from New York and I’m majoring in marine biology at UC Davis. I went to the Lycée Français de New York, which is a French high school where I did all my studies according to the French curriculum and passed the French Baccalaureat.

Lucy hiding under the table and deciding who gets which piece.
The first week of TALK classes we drew our winter breaks or our ideal winter breaks. We then used winter vocabulary to try to guess what each student had drawn. Most of the kids said that their dream winter vacation would be spent “en train de dormir” which means sleeping. As a college student, I can relate!

Last week in French Class we celebrated “Galette des Rois”. I made the class french style brownies and hid a fève in them. The youngest, which was Lucy, hid under the table and decided who got the pieces I was serving. Dorrie and Sophie got the fève! While we were all eating our brownies, we cut out and decorated our own crowns while discussing the history of the holiday and listening to French music.
Sophie doing her best "princess face"
Tori doing her best "princess face" as well.

Monday of this week we learned and reviewed family vocab. We played guessing games where I described a family member and the students had to write on their white boards who I was describing. Tori earned 7 tickets for always being the fastest in guessing which person I was describing.

Today we played math games to review how to spell long numbers like “soixante-douze” (72). We rolled dice on the ground and the students had to assemble both numbers and then write the corresponding number on their white boards. Chloe was always the first one to get the right answer. 
Lucy working on her "mini tree"


  1. Thanks Alexandra. Surprising to see so many smiling faces so early in the morning.

  2. Thanks Alexandra...nice to see so many smiling faces so early in the morning