Monday, January 15, 2018

St. James ASL Class

Hello and Happy New Year!
The first week back after a long break can be challenging, but we made it through and we kept up the fun. This week the kids enjoyed playing monkey in the middle and duck, duck, goose. They also like to draw on their whiteboards. Each day, the kids are given their folders, ticket bags, and a white board. If we have extra time, we like to doodle. Please enjoy the pictures below.
We also signed along to a book each day. The kids have seen all the vocabulary from the book before, but we added more advanced signs and some classifiers. For example, the kids know the sign for Laugh, but now they know a few variations of the sign, depending on the situation or type of laugh. It was a fun week seeing the kids really get into it and all the facial expressions they used. The use of facial expressions is very important in ASL and Deaf Culture and most of my students are naturals at making faces. :)
We also learned some new food vocabulary this week, so perhaps while you are eating a meal or snack with your child, they can show you how to sign the food you are eating.

Thanks for stopping by!
_\,,/ Teacher Desmona

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