Friday, October 4, 2013

Birch Lane, Beginner Spanish

Bienvenidos Padres!
Welcome parents!

These past few weeks have been a fun learning experience with the kids. The first week we were all gathered in one large group, together we learned commands. Some of the commands we learned were:
Agarrense las manos (hold hands)
Levantensen (stand up)
Sientensen (sit down)
Hagan un circulo (make a circle)
We also introduced phrases and greetings, such as
Hola, mi nombre es... (Hello, my name is…)
Buenos dias (good morning)
Adios amigo (goodbye friend)

After the first week we divided the class in two groups. The older kids that were advanced in their reading and writing went with Carmen. The smaller kids that are learning how to read and write and also the ones that have no yet learned stayed with me.

This past week I introduced the Spanish alphabet. The kids learned new letters such as ll, ch, rr and ñ. They also learned how to say the letters in Spanish and they were able to distinguish the sounds between the English alphabet and the Spanish alphabet. They also learned words in Spanish that had the new letters that were introduced. Some of the words were:
Lluvia (rain)
Lleno (full)
Charco (puddle)
Carretera (road)
Pizarron (board)
Niña, niño (girl, boy)
Please if you have time don’t hesitate to practice or quiz your kids at home, it will help the kids keep the material we learned in class fresh in their minds. Also the more we practice the more we learn.

Next week we will be learning about shapes and colors.  Thank you for your time and have a great weekend!

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