Sunday, October 6, 2013

Korematsu: Beginning Spanish

Hola padres!
Hello parents! 

These past couple of weeks have been a wonderful and exciting journey! Teaching and learning with your kids es muy divertido/is very fun. Each week is based on a theme. The first week was commands and introductions where we learned:
Yo me llamo/My name is _______.
Tengo ____ años./I am ____ years old.
Soy de Davis/I am from Davis.
Soy un niño o una niña/ I am a boy/girl.

Also, some basic commands like:
Sientate/Sit down
Levanta la mano/Raise your hand
Hagan un círculo/Form a circle
Por favor/Please
Gracias/Thank you

I've also picked one student at the beginning of each class to read the date and as a class we vote on the weather. We haven't learned the days of the week in a lesson but I think it helps them start recognizing the names. For the weather there are three options: soleado/sunny, nublado/cloudy and lluvioso/rainy.
You can practice with them by asking Cómo esta el clima de hoy?

This past week week we have learned the Spanish Alphabet including the extra letters that alphabet has like: CH,ñ,ll, rr. They liked pronouncing the ñ as in niño but some were not too thrilled at not being able to roll their r's for the rr! We'll continue to practice :)

This upcoming week our theme will be shapes and colors. I have some fun activities planned out for them! And I said, feel free to practice some of the material we have learned in the class with your children.

Hasta mañana!
Joanna García

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