Tuesday, October 22, 2013

DAC Beginner's Spanish, Week 1 and 2

Hola a todos! Bienvenidos a español de principiantes! Hello to everyone! Welcome to beginner's Spanish! 

We are excited to have started T.A.L.K. and ready for the children to efficiently learn another language.

These few weeks have been very progressive, as you will later see how much your children have learned!

Week 1 and Week 2: introductions, commands, and numbers
So for these two weeks, our focus was to get to know each and every student, and to become a support group to learn Spanish.

We thought basic introductions were boring and decided to spice things up. So instead we passed a teddy bear, Patches, around like a hot potato, and did tutti fruity, the name chain. Things got heated as students picked up each other's names quickly. In order to see how old students were, we played games such as four corners and scavenger hunt where children learned numbers from 1-15. Some basic introductions students learned were:

Yo me llamo/My name is _______.

Tengo ____ años./I am ____ years old.
Soy un niño o una niña/ I am a boy/girl.

In order to have a great class and major participation, we decided to teach basic commands and sayings, such as:

Sientate/ Sit down
Levantate/ Stand up
Levanta la mano/ Raise your hand
Formen un circulo/ Form a circle

And of course we cannot forget to greet people bright and early in the morning. Some greetings and responses that were taught were:

Buenos días/ Good Morning
Buenas tardes/ Good afternoon
Buenas noches/ Good evening/night
Por Favor/ Please
Gracias/ Thank you
Cómo estas/ How are you
Bien/ Good
Mal/ Bad
Mas o menos/ So-so
Adios/ Goodbye

As some of you may be aware, Fridays are fun days of Pachanga (party), where students not only apply what they were taught that week but also learn about Latino culture through dancing. So watch out, you may have professional dancers by the end of this year!

These two weeks we danced merengue from Santo Domingo and la macarena from Spain. To help us learn how to dance, we taught students directions such as:

Izquierda/ Left
Derecha/ Right
Adelante/ Foward
Atras/ Backwards
Vuelta/ Turn


Keep posted for Week 3 and 4 as we discuss the alphabet, vowels, colors, and shapes! Hasta luego!

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