Sunday, November 3, 2013

Korematsu Beginning Spanish: October

Hola padres!

These last couple of weeks have been very exciting and fun going over school supplies, family members and directions! This last week we had the whole week to review all of the areas we have covered in class already from the beginning of classes. We went over the alphabet again, and I'm very happy to say all seven of them knew the whole abecedario!

I also brought in a alphabet salsa song and we heard it there and also practiced directions like: up-arriba, down-abajo, atras-back, izquierda-left, derecha-right through dance. The kids had a great time that day :)

For family members the vocabulary was mom-mamá, dad-papá, sister-hermana, brother-hermano, grandmother-abuela and grandfather-abuelo. These were the words that were in the curriculum, but I also taught them uncle-tio, aunt-tia, cousin-female is prima, male is primo. Each student drew their family and some even wanted to know what great-grandmother was! It's bisabuela for great-grandmother and bisabuelo for great-grandfather.

This week we also had a day to review some Halloween terms like araña-spider, fantasma-ghost, vampiro-vampire, murcielago-bat and calabaza-pumpkin.

This upcoming week we will be going over animals:pets, farm, zoo and sea.
I have some fun activities planned for them!

And feel free to practice the vocabulary I added in spanish! It will keep the information fresh in their minds!

Happy Sunday


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