Sunday, November 3, 2013

October's Recap - Intermediate Spanish DAC

Hola Papas & Mamas!

We had a super busy & fun month, which ended this week celebrating the Mexican festivities of Dia de los Muertos last Friday for our Viernes de Pachanga! Here are some of the highlights of  what we learned this month!

Reviewing shapes vocabulary. The children created their own forms with pipe cleaners

Viernes de Pachanga continues every Friday, but now besides listening to different  music from some of the 44 Spanish speaking countries and learning new moves, we have been learning vocabulary related to instruments and movements. 

Creating #s with clay!

Each child had a card with the # name in Spanish

At the end, we counted the whole sequence from 0-20 together as a group.

Reviewing spelling of the #s in Spanish

Finally, the masks celebrating Dia de los Muertos in our dance led by teacher Marlene. We had to pretend being and moving like skeletons. Here's a link to the song, which also reinforces numbers' vocabulary:

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