Sunday, November 10, 2013

Creative writing activities - Intmdt Spanish

Hola Papas & Mamas!

This week, we had lots of fun learning about opposites. We'll keep building up on this vocabulary as we move on to describing objects, places, or persons.  Opposites or Opuestos was a key lesson for our upcoming activities. Here are a few pictures from some of the writing activities we had:

Drawings by the students describing the opposites vocabulary.

On Thursday, instead of making instruments since Friday was a holiday, we wrote a story together. Each student had been randomly assigned one of the opposite words from above. Then, each student would take a turn to use the word in a sentence that will continue their classmates' story. I helped the students to translate the rest of their sentence, so we could write the whole story in Spanish.
We also learned how to say: "Once upon a time" in Spanish: "Habia una vez." In addition, we learned extra vocabulary such as: Vampiro (vampire), piel (skin), salsa de tomate (ketchup), and others.

Here's the translation to the left side picture of the story created by the students: " Once a upon a time, a short dog, who was walking to the park, suddenly transformed itself in ketchup. Then, a cold vampire appeared and ate it. The vampire was tall and big. But, the vampire had dark intentions. The vampire flew up to the sky, and there, he ate a small dog, which he found there (we don't why?). Suddenly, because the vampire had eaten a lot, his skin became light green, and he became extremely fat. At the end, the vampire fell into a volcano. The End!

Two of the "recolectores" students, who wanted a picture with the board before they erased it. Several students have different roles & titles in Spanish in our class. The early birds are "repartidores," who hand out class materials. Others are "recolectores," who help to clean up at the end, but we take turns, so everyone can help in our class!

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