Sunday, November 10, 2013

Pioneer Beginner Spanish recap of Week #8

Hola a todos!

This past week the kids learned about the different types of animals found in the home (pets), farm, Zoo, and under the sea. They reminded me how fun it was to be a kid again and sounding out the different animal noises. Their creativity was seen in the many ways they were able to imitate an animal of their choice. From different yoga positions posing as certain animals to racing other kids in the class pretending to be that animal with face masks! I even made two track lanes for them with tape on the carpet so they could imagine the real thing. Watching them each race with their animal masks on, hearing them make the animal sounds, and then at the end yelling what animal was at the finish line first was pretty AMAZING!!!  Below is a picture of some of our winners!!

I wish I could have taken more pictures because really everyone did such an awesome job, but my phone was not cooperating much.

For this week, we will be learning the numbers! Yay! And to help the kids remember the numbers in Spanish, I will be incorporating sports into our lesson plan. They are very smart so I am sure they will catch on to the Spanish numbers in no time specially if their favorite team player represents a certain number. If you all have suggestions as to what other activities I can use with the sports theme, please e-mail me.

Thank you so much parents!

Maestra Auri

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