Friday, November 15, 2013

Korematsu Beginning Spanish: Noviembre

Hola padres! 

And it's already November, it feels like Halloween was just yesterday! We have had a great last  2 weeks in class. Last week we went over the different types of animals and the different environments they live in. Here are some examples:

Mascotas                 Animales de Granja              Animales acuáticos      Animales del Zoológico
(Pets)                      (Farm Animals)                      (Sea Animals)                   (Zoo Animals)
perro/dog                vaca/cow                                  ballena/whale                  girafa/giraffe
gato/cat                   gallina/chicken                          delfin/dolphin                  chango/monkey
pez/fish                    cerdo/pig                                  pescado/fish                        oso/bear
raton/mouse            oveja/sheep  

Some activities we had were ¿Qué animal soy? which was kind of like charades. The kids had a lot of fun and showed their awesome acting skills! We also had the opportunity to make animal puppets, each student picked their favorite animal. And I think their favorite one was Animal Yoga! I found a great app on my phone and we practiced some yoga moves while also practicing the animal names in spanish.                                                                  

This week we have started learning numbers starting from 1-31. Since, many of the students had some knowledge on the numbers from 1-10, we reviewed those and learned the rest until 31. Some of the activities we practiced were Tic Tac Toe Números, here the students picked the numbers they wanted on their grid. After I called out different numbers and whoever had a line across, diagonal etc won. We also decorated a "cake." We used paper plates to decorate a the imaginary cake, they wrote Feliz Cumpleaños! I had prepared recipes for them to tell them how many velas/candles they needed to decorate the cake with.

Next week we will be going over days of the week.

Que tengan un fantástico fin de semana y hasta el lunes!


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