Sunday, November 24, 2013

Pioneer Elementary Beginners Spanish- November

Hola padres!

This month was quite exciting! Not only did the kids learn about the animals, numbers, and days of the week in Spanish; but also about SPORTS!! We did everything from imitating animals to pretending we were television characters or famous athletes. Some of the teams highlighted were the Cowboys Tony Romo, the 49ers Joe Montana, the Olympic swimmer Missy Franklin, the Los Angeles Dodgers number Kershaw, the Buffalo Bills Robert Woods, the San Jose Sharks, and FC Barcelona Lionel Messi. Incorporating sports was super successful. The kids gave a small quick presentation on why they liked certain teams/athletes and the number they represented. This allowed them to remember the numbers in Spanish because they had to connect back to their favorite teams. I loved to watch how their eyes lid up every time I mentioned their favorite teams.

One of the students helped me review the numbers with the class on the board by pointing, first, at the number itself and said it in English. Then, pointed at the word in Spanish of that same number and said it in Spanish out loud for the other kids to hear. This worked out better than I thought because they all began repeating the numbers after him :')

Muy buen trabajo chicos!

Also, now that they are familiar with the days of the week in Spanish, we will be writing the date on the board every morning so that each of them can practice writing the day, month, and year. This will be a great transition to the topics that we will be covering next, which are the months, days, and seasons. They are very bright and every day I get more and more amazed with the things that they express in the classroom.

Well, I hope you all have a safe and joyful Thanksgiving!!! And please e-mail me if you all have questions or suggestions.

Maestra Auri

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